Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Space Chimps Coloring Page

Oooh, here we have space chimps flying a space ship coloring page! Yeah! Lot’s of room for imagination. In fact, my favorite coloring pages are ones set in space – drawing all the stars, planets, comets, satellites… Endless list of opportunities :)

So, arm your little one with coloring pages and plenty of markers. Glow in the dark ones would be fun! And of course the metallic type pencils do wonders for coloring space and stars.

Oh, and check out this "two books in one" space chimps themed space book for kids. It has a fun space story, and a factual one -- education and entertaintment in one!

PS: there is a new 3D cartoon in town, it's called The Tale of Despereaux and it stars an adorable little mouse with giant ears. And you can now get The Tale of Despereaux coloring pages here .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Best Free Space Chimp Coloring Page!

This is by far the best free space chimps coloring page you’ll find! The whole gang! On one page!

Let’s see now, we’ve got: Ham III, Luna, Titan, Houston and Comet. By the looks of it, I kinda like Houston. I guess every mission needs a seasoned pro. And he has “mentor” written all over his face.

Another cool thing about this coloring page: the banana cell phone. Yah… It’s time technology becomes eatable…

So have fun. Definitely print these up if you’re going on a trip. Coloring pages are perennial parents’ favorites for keeping kids occupied. But I would definitely suggest bringing along a clipboard if the kids are going to be coloring in the car :)

Note: To print, right click and save the picture to your drive, then print it…

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Space Chimps Coloring Page -- as promised

Ok, as promised, here is the first Space Chimps Coloring Page, ready for consumption. Right click, save pic, and then print. Pretty easy :)

Coloring pages are always fun. Even the little kids that can’t hold the pen steady get excited when mish-mashed color streaks appear on their favorite characters. I know of one who draws a red line on a shirt and then proudly declares that the monkey’s space suite is now red :) (Though I’m pretty sure that the Space Chimps’ outfits are not red, I can’t really stifle imagination, can I?)

So, print some of these (this one and upcoming) free coloring pages, and let the kids decide what great new fashion colors should rule the Universe this summer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Space Chimps Coloring Pages and Privacy Policy

The new cartoon for kids is coming out and we are getting ready! Chimps! In Space! Yeah!

We will be putting some high quality and free coloring pages here, so stay tuned...

PS: how come chimps get to go to space and we still don't have space tours for the regular people? Just asking...

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